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The Magellan Experience   

  • Where are you at today?
  • What does your vision of the ideal look like to you?
  • How will you know when you are there?
  • How confident are you that you will get there and STAY there?
  • What worries keep you up at night?

We engage you where you’re at.

For some, they want an investment strategy that they can adhere to and with confidence. They want an advisor fiduciary who puts their interests above all else. Others want a comprehensive plan where their investment strategy is but one spoke on the planning solution wheel. These recognize the value of full integration of everything: including savings and investments, gift and estate planning strategies, retirement planning, funding special needs or causes, identifying solutions to healthcare issues both present and future, comprehensive risk management, even milestones and achievements. They want to take their planning to the next level by attaching real purpose and meaning to their wealth. It’s about fulfillment of their life’s vision.

What’s Your Vision?  Plan it!

Were you travelling to Europe for two weeks, would you leave it to chance to see and experience the sites and places high on your priority list? Not likely. When committing the time and expense for such a trip, aren’t you more likely to spend several hours looking at maps, talking to travel agents and checking bus and train schedules, car rental, hotel accommodations, monetary exchanges, etc.? Wouldn’t it also make sense to have a “Plan B” back-up plan should circumstances and conditions beyond your control intervene?

One Life to Live

Why then would anyone leave the sum of their life’s work to chance? No matter which level of advice you seek, begin with the end in mind with clear, deliberate and specific strategies and solutions that lead to your desired outcome.  

Introducing: Wealthcare

It would be naïve to think that attaining one’s vision and enjoying financial success is a “one and done” or “set and forget” planning event.  In reality, it’s an ongoing, deliberate process. Most people who come to us for advice have already engaged in planning to one level or another. We often find that this basic level of planning is good and helps start the process. However, most plans don’t account for life events and changes nor do they identify priorities, tradeoffs or point to choices that will impact lives for good or for worse along the way. These kinds of plans tend to only provide clients with “cold numbers”, proposals, illustrations, extrapolations, etc. with the hope of getting you to your destination. It’s very much like piloting an aircraft where we have an original flight plan, but we are likely to experience wind, weather and temperature changes, etc. along our route which require necessary adjustments to keep us on course.  So too, is a good financial plan. We need tools and instruments that help us continually monitor and stay on the intended glide path or “Comfort Zone®”.

The Comfort Zone®

In simplest terms, within the Wealthcare process, is an experience-based, goals-driven planning tool that simultaneously evaluates your goals, investment strategy, assets, and all other financial resources (today and future) to assess how confident you can be that you will meet or exceed your goals.  We then “stress test” this data to simulate 1,000 potential lifetime outcomes under a variety of economic conditions. The results of which plot your Comfort Zone® demonstrating the percentage of the 1,000 simulated lifetimes that you met, failed or exceeded your goals. The Comfort Zone® delivers three critical elements of a positive financial experience which empower you to make better financial decisions: Clarity, Confidence and Control.

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Magellan vs. Others

If you invest money, you’ve undoubtedly taken a risk assessment questionnaire to identify your time horizon and the maximum investment volatility risk you are willing to tolerate. Then what? The typical online robo-advisor or flesh and blood financial advisor designs a portfolio allocation which positions your money to experience the maximum level of risk you were hoping to avoid.  This increases the likelihood that you will abandon your financial plan at the worst possible time—all because you took more risk than was necessary.

This approach to managing risk creates portfolios where success is measured only by risk vs. reward.  (Do you really care about comparing your portfolio’s performance to an index or a benchmark?)

Better Planning = Better Outcome = Better Life

Doesn’t it make more sense to design an investment strategy where performance is measured by your ability to live your life the way you choose with high confidence? If we’re going to use benchmarks, why not use a more meaningful benchmark. Let’s benchmark to your dream, your passion, and what you value most in life. That’s the Magellan way!